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Win installer (exe)
Source (tar.gz)

Free. Size: <1 MB (source) / 4 MB (win exe)
More info at http://www.vaelen.org/vortaro

Votaro is a very simple Esperanto dictionary. It uses the original Vortaro published by Zammenhoff at the turn of the 20th century, and is therefore quite old and out of date. However, it does provide all of the root words originally created by Zammenhoff and it shows translations in several languages. It is written with the QT4 framework and uses a SQLite database to store the actual dictionary. It would be fairly trivial to expand the SQL database to include a larger vocabulary, but it would be harder to maintain the multi-lingual aspect of it in that case.

Vortaro is licensed under the GPLv2.

A basic Esperanto parser is also bundled with Vortaro. The parser was an early attempt of mine at parsing Esperanto affixes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take into account homonyms and is therefore not the best tool for parsing Esperanto, although it is certainly a start. For example, to word ‘dieto’ can be parsed as either ‘di-et-o’ (meaning “little diety”) or as ‘diet-o’ (meaning “diet”) depending on the context.

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